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Subtitled Video: an interview with Claire Voisin, mathematician

May 3, 2021


I subtitled this video of an interview with renowned French mathematician Claire Voisin. In it she reflects on how she came to study mathematics, on its boundless nature, on the inadequacies of math teaching in schools, and on the experience of doing mathematics. What fascinates me is the way mathematicians often seem to anthropomorphize their own mathematical thought processes. Ramanujan famously attributed his mathematical insights to a goddess. Voisin here speaks of an “ideal person” inside herself who seems to do mathematics even as she performs banal chores.

You can view the video with English subtitles by clicking: HERE

Note: If the subtitles do not appear, please click on “CC” at the bottom right of the Youtube video. Once you have clicked on “CC” (which should then typically appear underlined, usually in red), the subtitles should appear when Voisin speaks.


This project was undertaken in the context of a multimedia translation workshop at ESIT conducted by Will Noonan. My thanks to him for all his help.