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Limericks about translators and anthropologists

March 15, 2021


Random tidbits to amuse and uplift.

The Limericks

Limerick about translators

There once was a translator in Paris,
Whose infidelity to texts was quite callous.
Clauses galore did she unsettle,
Towards evincing her own mettle,
That improvident translator in Paris.

Limerick about anthropologists

There was an anthropologist who studied oracles,
Their rituals, their rhetoric ahistorical.
To understand their epistemology,
She studied Buddhist philosophy,
That reifying anthropologist of oracles.

Limerick about translators

They once sent a translator to Mars,
The green Martians’ language to parse.
They, to her consternation,
Used double negation,
Which dismayed that translator on Mars.

Limerick about anthropologists

There was once an anthropologist of ritual
Whose focus was all things habitual.
Then one day she died,
Oh how she cried
At the singularity of her own death ritual.